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We recommend to buy some of the best English written Krakow guide books. To make your choice some Poland guide books and literature is attached as well.

Blue Guide Krakow, First Edition (Blue Guides)

by Jasper Tilbury

One of Europe's "cities of culture" in the year 2000 and already on UNESCO's world heritage list, the Polish city of Krakow is an increasingly popular vacation destination. For centuries, Krakow has rivaled the great Central European cities of Budapest, Prague, and Vienna. A huge number of attractions from the medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods are located in and around this ancient city. 18 illustrations, 10 maps and plans.

Travelers Krakow (Travelers)

by Scott Simpson

Travelers Krakow is one of the newest titles within the completely revised and updated Travelers series which now includes a free web links CD. Travelers are best-selling compact guidebooks containing clear maps, essential destination facts and special features. In addition each title offers invaluable practical information on transport, geography, sightseeing, history, and culture.

Visible Cities Krakow (Visible Cities Guidebook series)

by Dorota Wasik, Emma Roper-Evans

Thoroughly researched and entertainingly written, this guide uncovers the countless treasures of art and architecture that have remained intact-in spite of the city's tumultuous history-for well over 10 centuries. Highlighting the city's abundance of music and theater festivals and its cafe and cuisine culture, this guide provides insider tips and practical information on how to uncover the city's secrets and wonders. The guide's five short city walks and three lengthier excursions as well as its chapters on museums and galleries, music and film, food and restaurants, hotels and accommodations reveal a welcoming and exuberant city.

Lonely Planet Poland (Lonely Planet Poland)

by Krzysztof Dydynski

A fascinating blend of old and new, Poland is a world unto itself. From medieval castles to modern art galleries, this guide will help you discover one of Europe’s most intriguing destinations. The guide includes informed commentary on Poland’s architectural heritage, tips on where to ski, ride, climb, hike, canoe and more, listings of the most colorful Polish festivals, an essential Polish language chapter, over 100 detailed maps to get you where you need to go



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