Krakow attractions

Krakow was one of first 12 locations in the world that have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Therefore you can not expect to see the whole selection of Krakow impressive monuments in one day.

Rynek Glowny - Main Square

This 200 x 200 meters medieval square is probably the largest of it's kind in Europe. Due to large number of Krakow admirers you will never feel alone here. Till today it is the real center of the city. In summer the terraces are offering few thousands of seats and before Christmas and Easter traditional market is giving the square unforgettable touch.

St Maria Church and Cloth Hall in Krakow

Wavel - Royal Castle

Even populated already fifty thousands years ago, the most famous period of the Wavel was during the 16th century. The Polish King Sigismund I the Old gathered artists from all across Europe who launched the Krakow Renaissance. Even today the Polish president is having his state apartments in Wavel - the symbol of Poland.

The Cathedral of Wavel Castle in Krakow

Kazimierz - The Jewish Town

In 15th century Krakow Jews have been dislodged to a nearby city of Kazimierz, where a separate and self-governed life lasted until end of 19th century. Here the infamous Krakow ghetto was created by Nazis in 1941.

Synagogue in Kazimierz - Jewish district of Krakow

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